Sweet Valentine’s Day Wedding!

I wanted to tell you about a very special wedding that took place on Valentine’s Day, 51 years ago – Sunday, February 14, 1965! It was the wedding of my in-laws, my husband’s parents – Donnie Faye Cothran and James Edward Pryor Sr.

I never got to meet Jim Sr. as he passed away about 5 months before I met his son and namesake, but I have always thought that their Valentine’s Day wedding was just the sweetest thing! I mean what day is better to marry your soulmate than the day dedicated to celebrating LOVE?!?!

Thanks to their daughter Cindy for sharing some of the details and photos with me. Their candlelight ceremony took place at 7:30pm at Woodfield Park Baptist Church in Columbia, SC. She had a Matron of Honor and five bridesmaids and he had a Best Man and six groomsmen. They also had twin flower girls and a ring bearer.

She carried a showered bouquet of orchids, pompons and mums.  The Bridesmaids wore street length dresses with red satin brocade with long sleeves tapering to points over the hands. They carried bouquets of white and red pompons and mums.

I’ve included a few pictures of their special day. They look so very happy!! I sure am glad these two met (through friends of her parents) and got married.  I have them to thank for my wonderful husband and Pryor family!! On that Valentine’s Day she was 19 and he was 32 and they were married almost 32 years before Jim passed away in December of 1996. After 19 years apart, they are reunited in heaven and will be together on this Valentine’s Day! As much as we miss them, this fact makes us smile!

XOXO – Jennifer




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