Jennifer’s Traditions

I wanted to share a couple of traditions I have when it comes to our weddings.

1) When I go to set up a wedding, I like to wear something in the wedding color scheme. I don’t always have something in the right color but when I do, I make sure I coordinate! In case someone takes my picture, it’s nice to blend in. I think I got that idea from a show on HGTV. When the ¬†interior designer was showing the completed project to her client, she always wore something that coordinated with the colors of the newly designed room.


2) I also like to wear the necklace that I wore on my own wedding day. It was my Grandmother’s necklace that she passed on to me as a wedding present.

photo (20)

3) When we deliver the wedding flowers to the ceremony site, my tradition is to hold the bride’s bouquet while we are in route. Of course we are very careful with all of the flowers while they are in transport but the bride’s bouquet gets special treatment and stays in my hands for the trip.

photo (21)

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more traditions over the years!

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