Great information from a fellow florist!

Wedding Style

Take it from a florist, picking out the perfect flowers is almost as hard as finding the perfect husband.  Almost.  Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s to make it easier for you and a lot less stressful:

DO     Go with your gut.  Above all else, budget, location, everything…chose a florist that you get along with and your gut tells you is the right one.  This process is so visual, and usually those visions are in your head (or ours).  That “vibe” must be present so the idea is communicated correctly and your vision becomes a reality.

DON’T     Hide your budget.  The sky is the limit when it comes to flowers, and a great florist can create amazing florals for any budget.  Be honest and upfront about your budget.

DO     Arrive to your consultation on time and prepared.  That means, come armed with a picture of your gown, a picture of…

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