40th Wedding Anniversary!

In honor of my parents upcoming 40th Wedding Anniversary (yes I said 40th, isn’t that awesome?!?!), I thought I would tell you a little bit about their wedding and some of the floral trends of the 70’s. At the age of 20, they were married on May 20, 1972 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC with the reception following in Satterlee Hall. Thanks to my Grandmother and Mother saving the “Wedding Flower Order“, I have a wonderful keepsake to remember the flowers that were used for my parents special day.

Their wedding florist was Mrs. Salter. My Mom spoke very highly of her and said, “I remember feeling really special cause she focused on ME and seemed genuinely interested in what I wanted for my flowers.”  I also have a sweet note they kept from Mrs. Salter that says, “Janie, I am looking forward to this wedding with delight. Check over the list carefully and correct any mistakes I have made. Be sure to talk with me no later than Tuesday. Don’t forget to bring me your bible. Mrs. Salter”.

My Mom carried a “Prayer Book Bridal Bouquet” using a White Cattleya Orchid with a yellow throat placed on my Grandmother’s prayer book.  My Mom described to me the wedding colors she chose, Avocado Green and Harvest Gold were the popular colors back then- so we did the baskets green (Mama spray painted them) and the flowers in yellow. I thought they were so pretty!” The Matron of Honor (my Aunt Nancy) and the 4 Bridesmaids each carried the green baskets with yellow carnations and yellow & white daisies that complimented their lovely yellow dresses .

The boutonnieres were made with Carnations for my Dad, the Groomsmen and the Fathers. On the wedding order next to the Groom’s boutonniere it says “make special“. Aww!  The corsages for the Mothers and three Grandmothers were made with Orchids. The altar flowers were made with White Mums and Yellow Carnations and white satin Bows were attached to the Pews.

Sounds like a lovely wedding, doesn’t it?! I’ve included a few of their wedding pictures. Enjoy!

Oh and Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I sure am glad you got married! ~ Jennifer

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