What to bring to your Consultation

Now that you have scheduled a wedding consultation to talk about flowers, you may be wondering if you need to bring anything. Well, as a matter of fact there are a few things!

1) Wedding Colors – It is important that you have picked out your bridesmaids dresses and wedding color scheme prior to our consultation, as the color and style will guide and steer the flower choices and selection. If you can bring (and leave with me) a color swatch of the bridesmaids dresses, that would be very helpful. It can be a swatch from the dress, a piece of ribbon that matches the color or even a paint chip that matches the color.  Also, a picture of your dress as well as the bridesmaids dress is helpful too so that we can see the style and type of material.

2) Flower Pictures – Prior to your consultation, you will need to spend some time researching the bouquet  & centerpiece styles you like as well as your flower preferences. Don’t worry you don’t have to figure out exactly what you want, we just need to know what you like and don’t like. Compile as many pictures as you can (bouquet styles, centerpiece examples, corsages and boutonnieres, church decorations, flower types, colors, design techniques, etc) so that we have a good idea of what you like. These pictures can be from magazines and online. To see examples of our work, visit our Flickr page and you can follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.  You can  also bring your laptop or iPad so that you can show me the pictures you have found online. Photos on your phone work too!

3) Budget –  Know your floral budget. For more on this subject, see our post: The Budget Question

4) Corsages and Boutonnieres – Be thinking about you would like to have a corsage or boutonniere for and make a list to bring with you.  Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and Ushers are pretty standard.  The Minister (only if he is wearing a suit), Director, Greeters, Readers, Soloists, Musicians are all optional.

I think this about covers it. I hope you find this helpful as you prepare for your wedding consultation. Do you have any comments or questions?

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