The Budget Question

So, it seems people have a difficult time knowing how much to spend on their wedding flowers. I’ve heard people say, “I don’t know what a good budget is”, “I don’t know what I need to spend to make it nice”, “I have no idea how much flowers cost”. All understandable and valid comments, after all, most likely this is your first wedding and you’ve never done this before, right?
Well, hopefully I can help guide you and help you make informed decisions about your “floral budget“. If you don’t already have a florist you work with, often times, the only thing people have to compare when shopping for a wedding florist is pricing. However, I have found that when you do this, in most cases, you are not comparing the same flowers, same designs or even the same level of service. The best thing for you to do is to hire a florist that you feel the most comfortable with and instantly “click” with. The pricing and budget can all be worked out but the main thing is to get to know your florist and let them earn your trust! You want to have confidence that your flowers will be beautiful!  Hopefully, you will build a relationship with your florist to last for many years so they can help you celebrate lots of other occasions with flowers!
Ok, so now the challenge. You will still actually have to come up with a “budget” to give your trusted florist. The reason for this is that with the variety of flowers, design styles and levels of service available, the options are almost endless. There really are not “set” prices for wedding flowers as each wedding is unique and should reflect the Bride and Groom’s styles and preferences. Studies have shown that typically people spend on average about 10% of their overall wedding budget on their flowers. Keep in mind, that percentage does not take into consideration if you have family or friends providing weddings services for free or at a discount. Knowing your budget is so important, as my friend Georgianne in NJ says, “You wouldn’t give your real-estate agent an open $$ amount when you house hunt, would you? What could be worse than being shown million dollar houses when you have a budget ¼ that size!! It’s the same idea here. Let us create arrangements that are within your budget, not over or under it!!”  The “budget” just gives us a starting point to work from. Basically, we need to know the amount you are comfortable with spending on your wedding flowers. Easy, right? Obviously, the flower prices don’t change based on what you are willing to spend, but like with anything else, the more you spend the more you get!  For some brides, they want the flowers to be an important part of their wedding and reception and for others they are not as important and they may only want flowers for the wedding party. Having this information along with your budget amount, helps us make suggestions and recommendations on where the money will be best spent, based on your venue, wedding party size and overall tone of your wedding. Don’t forget, your flowers are always photographed and will be a lasting memory of your special day!
Any questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!

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